Case Study #1: Lumbar Disc Herniation

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Case Study 1: Lumbar Disc Herniation

Patient Name: Rudy  

Age: 46 year old Male

Rudy presented in our office complaining of chronic low back and left leg sciatic pain. He stated that he has struggled with low back pain off and on for the last 6 years. This most recent bought caused him to spend a night in the emergency room because he was having troubles walking due to the intense pain and muscle spasm. He stated that his pain levels were a 9 out of 10 for his low back pain and his leg pain. He also stated that he’s had to take off work for the last 6 days, and that he was concerned that he would lose this job if this continued.

Previous Medical Treatment:

2 Lumbar Facet Nerve Blocks (Epidurals)

Physical Therapy (3 months done during the last bought 1 year prior)

OTC Pain Relievers (Motrin / Tylenol)

Prescription Pain Relievers : Vicodin, and Oxycodone

Examination Findings:

Rudy had a severe decrease in his lumbar spine flexibility with an overall 60% loss in Lumbar ROM. Upon palpation of this lumbar spine, pelvis and hips, he had severe pain (9 out of 10) in the L3-L5 region, left paraspinal musculature. In addition, Left Piriformis, Quadratus Lumborum, and Gluteal Trigger points were noted with severe sensitivity to pain. Lumbar orthopedic tests for nerve impingement were all positive indicating compression of the sciatic nerve. (Left Side)

Diagnostic Tests:

Lumbar Spine Radiographs

Lumbar MRI

Treatment Plan:

Based on Exam and MRI Findings, Rudy was given a treatment program that included an initial 2-4 week intensive phase designed to relieve his inflammation and pain.

Manual Therapy which included soft tissue and manual massage to relieve tender trigger points and inflamed paraspinal musculature.

A Class 4 Deep Penetrating Laser was used to increase immune cell activity, oxygenation of injured tissues and lower pain and inflammation. 5-7 Minutes each session.

Non-Invasive Disc Decompression was used to decompress the herniated spinal segment and relieve pressure off the sciatic nerve. Initial Rudy started with 10 minutes of NIDD therapy and gradually increased to 20 minutes per session.


Re-exam Findings and Progress Report:

After 6 sessions of care (2 weeks) Rudy noted a significant improvement. His pain levels decreased to a 4 out of 10. He noted that he is sleeping much better and lowering the amounts of medication that he has to take for pain. He stated that he notified his job and he’s scheduled to go back to light duty next week.

After 1 month of care:  Rudy rates his pain levels as a 2 out of 10. His low back pain has improved significantly. He continues to do his home exercises to maintain his results and uses ice after a long day of work. He’s gone back to regular duty at work and has noticed that he’s less exhausted after a day of work. He notes he has more energy now and is sleeping like he used to.

After 2 months of Care: Rudy is pain free. He rates his pain levels as a 0 out of 10 and can work all day and come home without feeling any pain. He notes that he no longer has to take 15 minutes in the morning to just stretch to adjust his back. He gets out of pain in the morning without pain and has started to go back to his normal activities; walking, hiking and swimming. He feels like this is the best his back has felt in years.

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