6 Ultra Effective Exercises for Low Back Pain

Most often people who suffer from chronic low back pain, typically results from an injury or something as simple as bad posture to a sedentary lifestyle.  For most of us, the agonizing low back pain can be irritating and finding a home remedy can be as simple as doing a few quick moves daily. With only a few minutes doing each pose, it may help keep the low back pain at bay. Although, everyone suffering from low back varies from case, it’s important to consult a doctor for proper treatment. For those who have minor back pain, these 6 ultra effective exercises for low back will help you get through the day.



Single Leg Kick

This move is great for your posture. When doing this move, don’t arch your back-keep your back flat on the floor. Lye flat on your back and left your head, neck and upper back off the floor. Next, Keep both legs straight, bring one up towards you while the other hovers above the floor. Third, slowly bring behind the leg that is pointed towards you, then switch back to the other leg. Keep your back flat the entire time and your abs tight.



Seated Row

The seated row is a best to strengthen your back muscles (Rhomboids). Start by sitting with your legs barely bent in front. Next, put the band around the bottom of your feet, and hold each end. Third, straighten your arms in front of you, point your toes. Finally, pull back so your elbows bend and your hands touch your chest. Go back to your starting position, and repeat.



3_eBelt Arm Plank

The belt arm plank strengthen your abdominal and back muscles. The most important part of this move is to concentrate and hold the position. Begin with a basic plank position and support your body weight on your forearms and toes. Tighten your abdominals and keep your back straight, facing forward. Lastly, hold the position as long as you can, slowly increasing each time.


Oblique Bar Crunches

Your obliques are great for toning your midsection and side abdominal muscles. Begin with laying on the floor and assuming your start position (shown) by lifting your legs in towards the ceiling and holding a bar over your head. Second, rotate the bar to the side by bringing the right side of the bar up toward your right foot. Lastly, make sure to repeat on left side.



Bar Crunches

With the bar crunches your resistance will be provided with the weigh bar. This move is great for your core and back. First, lay flat on your back (as shown) and lift your legs in the air. Second, bring the bar up to your feet by lifting your head at the same time and bringing your shoulders off the floor. Third, return to start position, and repeat again.



6_eV Sit-ups

V sit-ups help your waistline and target your side abdominals making your lower back strong. By controlling your muscles during this move, you’ll get the best results. First, lay down on the floor and bend your right leg-keeping the left leg straight and holding the ball above your head. Very slowly, lift your leg as the ball meets your left foot. Lastly, return to your start position and repeat with the other leg.


At Tri-City Disc and Nerve Center we aim to help our patients with alleviating chronic low back pain with a non-surgical, non-invasive approach using all-natural, treatment options so you can benefit from your treatment without the risks and recovery time. Surgery should always be a last resort when it comes to treating back pain. To learn if you’re a candidate for our low back and disc pain therapy, please call 510-324-0100 to schedule your FREE initial consultation today.